The University’s on-campus museum offers programs for students, faculty and staff, and the wider community to fully engage with all that the institution has to offer – entrance free included.

Over the years, the Lowe Art Museum on the Coral Gables campus has provided access to amazing works of art in a venue founded to serve faculty and staff, students, scholars, researchers, and members of the local community.

The Lowe houses a diverse collection of over 19,000 objects which together embody over 5,000 years of human creativity.

After being closed for more than a year due to the pandemic, the Lowe reopened last year and will offer FREE ENTRANCE until May 2023—thanks to the generosity of fine arts. This semester, more programming is in the works to engage audiences. From on-site and virtual engagements with renowned artists from around the world to learning to sketch – with no art experience necessary – the Lowe Art Museum has it all.

“The Lowe’s offers its diverse audience an accessible engagement with contemporary culture,” said Nathalia Bolivar, communications specialist for the museum. “It is a place of learning, gathering and a site of self-discovery.”

Through a range of programs like USketch, an in-person sketching class with the goal of relaxing and spending creative time together, or The Art of Mindfulness, a virtual guided mindfulness practice, the Lowe’s has something for everyone. Until October 2, customers can enjoy “Beyond the Sounds of Silence”, a multi-sensory exhibition featuring leading Latin American artists connecting sound, art and society. The exhibition focuses on the intersection of Indigenous traditions with contemporary art and the relationship between form and language in musical tools.

Bolivar recommends that students take advantage of their benefits of membership to enjoy exclusive talks and special events, including Lowe After Hours, a signature event where attendees can enjoy refreshments, mingle and learn about all the Lowe galleries and exhibits after hours.

“We hope that after each visit our audience will join us in celebrating the power that art has to uplift the human spirit,” Bolivar said. “The Lowe invites its audience to indulge in creativity.”

Visit the Lowe’s Art Museum website for more information and to find how to book tickets.


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