A handful of exhibits at the Saginaw Art Museum highlight the black experience during Black History Month.

“So you come to the exhibit, not only do you see the trials and tribulations that make up a part of American history, but you also see a lot of the joy that comes with it. So that’s a space where we J hope people get that full experience,” Kevin Jones said.

Jones helped put together “the black hand side”, a black cube on the outside covered in historical pieces and white walls on the inside, celebrating black joy.

He is the founder of Blactic, and all of his pieces have been found in places like homes or antique shops.

“Sometimes when people see that they’re not sure, you know, is it supportive of black people, is it offensive to black people, but it’s one of the complicated things in history. You know, it’s often left to interpretation,” Jones says.

Jones worked with artist and co-curator Nyesha Clark-Young to assemble her family’s quilts.

She also added some of her works to the exhibition.

“I see the need for this to not just be an annual show,” Young said.

The Saginaw Chapter of the NAACP provided historical posters, shirts, and flyers for an “advocacy through design” exhibit.

“We laid out some elements of their history, thinking about how the posters and typography communicate the messages of the organization and the causes they have,” said Thor Rasmussen, Marketing Director of the Saginaw Art Museum.

The third and final exhibition, “From Africa to Eternity”, a collection of masks made from found objects and scraps by Lark Allen III.

“I think it shows a message of hope. Because these objects and artifacts are things that are thrown away, they are things that people consider useless or garbage. And he picked them up and turned them into things. in which people can see themselves,” said Benjamin Champagne, Associate Curator of the Saginaw Art Museum.

“The Black Hand Side” and “Advocacy through Design” run through April 8. “From Africa to Eternity” runs until July 1.


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