One of the many perks of being an NSU Shark, membership in the NSU Art Museum in downtown Fort Lauderdale gives students free access to the more than 25,000 square feet of exhibition space at the Museum. The museum presents its important collection of Latin American art, contemporary art with an emphasis on art by black, Latin and female artists, African art, traveling exhibitions and much more.

Bonnie Clearwater, director and chief curator of the NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale, explained that the museum is a place where students can participate in interdisciplinary exploration. From bio majors to art students, the museum has something for everyone.

“We take a very interdisciplinary approach to our exhibits, our programs and our collection… The university always emphasizes this idea of ​​being interdisciplinary and the museum is the natural place for that,” Clearwater said.

Students can activate their membership on the NSU Art Museum website by visiting the “you belong” membership page. By registering with their emails, students can receive information about current and upcoming exhibitions, events and programs offered by the museum. Continue reading below to learn more about some of the new exhibits that students can experience on a visit to the museum.

Thomas Bills: always cheaper than paying

Still Cheaper Than Paying, an exhibition showcasing the work of Miami artist Thomas Bill’s will be on display at the NSU Art Museum until December 12. In the series, the artist turns parking quotes into creative works of art that he sells for the price of the ticket, working towards his goal of living on net zero. As a struggling young art graduate faced with the decision to make ends meet or pay the tickets, “what started out as a way to survive has become a complete conceptual framework for his work,” says Clearwater. Some of the drawings have also inspired large-scale paintings that are on display as part of the exhibition.

Christopher Carter: The Carter Project

On display until January 9, 2021, the eco-sensitive exhibit created by Christopher Carter brings his Miami home created from shipping containers and reused materials at the NSU Art Museum to life through a fully immersive 360-degree exhibit. Through videos, photographs and 3D printed models, visitors can discover and explore the multi-purpose house that Carter considers his greatest sculpture.

Iké Udé: Selection of portraits

Through his conceptual photographs, Udé seeks to counter the conventional photos of Africans through his exhibition Select Portraits. Capturing the stars of Nollywood (Nigerian Hollywood), it portrays a lush and glamorous image of Africans. According to Clearwater, the NSU Art Museum is planning to host a virtual event where Nollywood producers, directors and stars will broadcast live to discuss the relationship between Nollywood films and global fashion.

“Our virtual programming has been exceptional and has actually allowed us to be truly global,” said Clearwater. The exhibition will be on display at the museum until January 9.

Anna Sui: The World of Anna Sui

Anna Sui’s World, showcasing the work of legendary fashion designer Anna Sui, will close on October 3. Clearwater encourages students to take advantage of their last chance to view the exhibit. Students can find out more by reading The Current’s article about the exhibition here or by visiting the NSU website.

All NSU COVID policies are in place at the museum, including mask and social distancing requirements. Rules are strictly enforced.


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