The Royal Artifacts of Ancient Egyptian Oasis Rulers is a temporary exhibition held at the New Valley Museum on the occasion of its 29th anniversary.

The exhibition is visible until the end of February.

The exhibition features a collection of artifacts that highlight the reigns of the rulers of the oases, clay vessels used in the celebration of the 30th birthday of King Pepi I and the headrest of the ruler of the oases Khent-Ka.

On the sidelines of the exhibition will be held a seminar on the constitution of the museum and its collection.

The museum features 4,087 artifacts from the prehistoric era to the Muhammad Ali era. The most important of these objects are the funerary contents of the tomb of the ruler Khent-Ka discovered in the archaeological site of Balat, a collection of Greco-Roman coffins, statues of deities, jewelry, anthropoid wooden coffins, icons and lamps from the Coptic era, lamps and frames engraved with Quranic verses, and clay vessels from the Islamic era.

The museum was originally built of mud bricks to be an administrative area for inspectors and storage for items discovered in the New Valley.
In 1993 the museum was renovated and built on three levels.

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