Serious, spooky, historic and artistic, this fall’s exhibits explore the region’s past, its impact on science and technology, and continue to bring the world-class art we’ve come to expect at Long’s magnificent museums. Island. There is something to educate, excite and enlighten for all ages and interests.

“The future is now,” long-term installation, Cradle of Flight Museum, Charles Lindbergh Boulevard, Garden City

Living like the Jetsons is the theme of this fascinating look at the technology of yesterday, today and tomorrow. We’ve all gotten used to Dick Tracy’s wrist phone becoming a reality, but what about flying cars? The museum exhibits four personal aerial vehicles (PAVs), as well as an overview of Mars exploration, a history of air travel, and the breathtaking Grumman LM-13 lunar module. There are plenty of interactive moments and inspiration, including the reopened full-domed JetBlue Sky Theater planetarium and a new monument to America’s first woman in space, Sally Ride.

NEWS $16, $14 from 2 to 12 years old and 62 years old and over; 516-572-4111,

“Other Worlds Than This” through November 6, Nassau County Museum of Art, 1 Museum Dr., Roslyn Harbor

Artifacts from early civilizations, including Pharaonic Egypt and the Olmecs of Mesoamerica, as well as art today, appeal to the imagination to give voice to things that cannot be said. From surrealist painters to Renaissance religious symbols and ancient spiritual beliefs, this wide-ranging exhibition delves into the supernatural in art. Dreams and demons, angels, amulets and alchemy all appear, though their mysteries remain elusive. It’s a chance to tap into the unknown through art.

NEWS $15, $10 for 62 and over, $5 for students and ages 4-11; 516-484-9338,

“From Atoms to Cosmos: The Story of Brookhaven National Laboratory”, until October 16, The Long Island Museum, 1200 Rte. 25A, stony creek

Learn how scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory have won seven Nobel Prizes and driven medical discoveries that have changed history, like pioneering the synthesis of human insulin in the 1960s. Now in one of the finest space research facilities in the world, scientists on Long Island with their Supercollider, Particle Accelerator and High Flux Beam Reactor are rewriting the real theory of the Big Bang even as they alter the future. See how they do it.

NEWS $10, $7 for 62 and over, $5 for students and ages 6-17; 631-751-0066,

“Long Island Biennial”, Oct. 1-Jan. 22 Heckscher Museum of Art, 2 Prime Ave., Huntington

The Heckscher Museum’s seventh Long Island Biennial gives artists from Nassau and Suffolk a chance to be recognized while providing visitors with an opportunity to learn about the artists around them. Some 250 artists submitted approximately 700 works produced over the past two years. Find out who made the cut, with artwork expressing reactions to the pandemic, responses to climate change and hopes for social justice, among other themes.

NEWS Suggested admission at $5, free for children 12 and under; 631-380-3230,

“Joaquín Sorolla And Esteban Vicente: In The Light Of The Garden,” until October 16, Parrish Art Museum, 279 Montauk Hwy, Watermill

Meet two Spanish masters in this exhibition that combines the work of Joaquín Sorolla and Esteban Vicente. Sorolla’s sun-dappled, impressionistic landscapes enchant, though the name may not ring a bell. For those familiar with his work, a beautiful luminosity lingers in the mind. For those who don’t, it’s a rare opportunity. The curators go one step further by juxtaposing them with paintings by East End Spanish Abstract Expressionist Vicente. See how light and color evoke similar sensations for two artists who are decades and continents apart.

NEWS $12, free for 17 and under; 631-283-2118,

“Preserving the Eagle’s Nest” via Thanksgiving and Natural History Museum (permanent), Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum & Planetarium, 180 Little Neck Rd., Centerport

In the fall, our thoughts sometimes turn to things that crawl and crawl and bump into each other in the night. The Vanderbilt’s extensive natural history collection covers it all. There are larger-than-life insects, smaller-than-life shrunken heads, an Egyptian mummy, and stuffed tigers, bears, fish, and fowl. William K. Vanderbilt II explored the world collecting the rare and the mysterious, just to bring examples to Long Island and share them with the public. “Preserving Eagle’s Nest” focuses on how these treasures are cared for and presented.

NEWS $10, $7 11 and under; 631-854-5579,

“Nuestro Viaje – Our Journey,” October 8-29, Westbury Arts, 255 Schenck Avenue, Westbury

The new gallery space at Westbury Arts will once again be filled with fascinating works by local and regional artists. For Hispanic Heritage Month, look for paintings, photographs, and more centered around the theme “Nuestro Viaje – Our Journey.” November brings a celebration of the village’s 90th anniversary, with community-submitted photographs showcasing Westbury’s old days and present life.

NEWS Free; 516-400-2787,


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