Dozens of firefighters fought a fire on Thursday at the Cité des Sciences in Paris, one of the largest science museums in Europe.

Two firefighters were slightly injured before the flames were extinguished, but there was no damage to the museum’s exhibits, the firefighters said.

“The fire is completely under control. There is no risk of it spreading,” spokesman Gabriel Plus told AFP.

The fire started before dawn in a building being decorated, and took five hours to be extinguished.

Smoke and flames damaged an area of ​​10,000 square meters (107,000 square feet), devastating a 110 million euro ($ 122 million) program to turn the building into a shopping area.

The fire alarm system was not operational due to the work, Plus said.

About thirty fire trucks and 120 firefighters were dispatched to the scene. Two fighters were treated after being overwhelmed by intense heat.

The heat was so hot that the fire crews could only work 20 minutes at a stretch before having to take turns.

About fifty firefighters were still on site at the end of the morning.

The Cité des Sciences is more a center for learning science for the general public than a traditional museum.

Located northeast of Paris in Villette Park, on the site of the city’s former slaughterhouses, the complex attracts around five million people per year.

The museum includes four huge cube-shaped buildings.

The fire occurred in a cube being fitted out for the races.

Called “Vill Up”, it was to open on October 15th.

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