Every season is museum season here in Massachusetts. There’s nothing quite like making sandwiches, getting the whole family together in the car, and going for a full day of learning and exploring.

But perhaps you have already done a good part of your “typical” museum visits. You have seen the mind-boggling work of real artists at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. You’ve experienced the wonders of the historic South Coast whaling industry at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. You’ve stepped back in time and learned all about the dark past of the witch trials at the Salem Witch Museum.

But it’s time to try something new, something exciting and maybe a little weird. There is no shortage of unique museums in Bay State that we all need to talk. Surprisingly, some people born and raised here in Massachusetts may not even know these places exist, but it’s time to explore them and show off some of the unique museums this state has to offer.

So go ahead. Take a peek and explore the amazing options from Cape Cod and the South Coast to Western Massachusetts and the greater Boston area. Start planning your next family trip to the museum. But when you go out, don’t forget to tell us which unique museum you are heading to next! And pack those sandwiches; You can’t go wrong with a good PB&J.

14 unique Massachusetts museums you might not know

When you think of a museum, what do you think of? Perhaps imagine walls filled with artwork or a giant T-rex skeleton at the entrance. But here in Massachusetts, we do museums a little differently. While we have your typical museums, we are also home to a number of unique and sometimes a little quirky museums that challenge the way we think about art, science and what is dear to us. Take a look at 14 of Massachusetts’ most unique and treasured museums and tell us which one you want to visit first!

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